Sample Scrum issues with new colleagues and answers to all

When you start working with a new team that has no experience with Scrum, you may run into problems.

We now present some sample Scrum Master questions and sample answers.

Can I keep my current project manager role and not participate in the Scrum roles?

Jessica, Project Manager

Hi Jessica,
In case you keep your role as Project Manager, you don’t need to participate in the Scrum roles. Reference: “The Scrum Master and his relationship with an internal project manager”,

I don’t see Scrum supporting my role. What will this mean for my career at our company?

Peter, Technical Manager

Hi Peter!
Yes, Scrum does not support the ‘Technical Manager’ role, but at the same time, Scrum will have a ‘Development Team’ directly responsible for the implementation of the products we will create. Reference: “Scrum example team and projects scenarios“, Your knowledge, skills, and qualifications will help us create an increasing product, respectively we will create added value for the entire organization.
You will be part of the “Development Team” because we need you in the implementation of the general strategy for the organization.

Do I have to participate in the events being talked about? I’m a designer and I don’t see the point of attending meetings that don’t concern our design.

Mariah, graphic designer

It is as a graphic designer that you should know very well the need for “modern introductions” all around us, with the aim of high adaptability to the client’s requirements. Adaptability is one of the core values ​​of Scrum.

As a ‘graphic designer’ and part of the product development team, what should the product be, will it change in the development process, will defects discovered in the development process force a design change, and/or will the dynamic environment force such a change, etc., make sure to attend these meetings even if they are not directly related to the design. Any single product upgrade and/or development process change to the given product would contribute positively to future such implementations when it comes to adaptability and end customer satisfaction.

I don’t understand exactly how Scrum will improve our work

Steven Paulson, Programmer

Scum is a framework, a method that incorporates principles and values ​​of work that leads to a continuous process of improvement. Through the application of Scrum, we will be able to effectively and efficiently create a given product by regulating the time for its creation, respectively reducing costs and increasing value.  Project Management Academy teaches all the values and practices of Scrum (for Scrum Masters) in Europe and thousands of people are already aware of the details of Scrum processes.

We will become more disciplined to manage the time resource effectively, we will concentrate the efforts of highly qualified people like you to deal with the problems promptly and prevent the emergence of new ones in the maximum percentage.

We will build communication and trust with our clients, and the project assignors, and this will help us to create exactly this product designed for them. Overall, we will improve quality at all levels, respectively increasing our competitiveness and business value.
I prefer to belong to the family of a successful organization, how about you?

I’m very excited about integrating Scrum into our work and can’t wait to get started. Can someone tell me what and how I will do exactly?

Kate George, Senior Public Relations Specialist

As a senior public relations expert, you should not be directly involved in the processes that Scrum deals with.
This does not mean that you will not take part in a subsequent stage, requiring the promotion of the products that our organization is about to impose on the target markets.

I have read a bit about Scrum and would like to be appointed to the Product Owner position.

Paola, Advertising Manager

Thanks for wanting to be part of the Scrum team, and taking the Product Owner position! Here I must briefly describe that the Product Owner position requires a highly qualified person, with already acquired experience in the same position, with developed skills and qualities, since the Product Owner position foresees making very important decisions for the organization and its business value.

This is the figure on whom the responsibility falls to foresee those details concerning the general process or to confirm the readiness of the organization that the goal will be achieved.

Taking the position of Advertising Manager and after the Scrum team has done its work, you will be that important person defining the advertising strategy to promote the creation and how every day we become better at what we do – a basic principle of Scrum. Reference: “Why use the Scrum framework for your projects?“,

I would like to participate in Scrum roles as a Product Owner. I am not averse to fulfilling all my present duties, and new ones being assigned to me, which I would gladly learn and master.

Robert Paulson, Project Coordinator

We would be happy to start our common interaction. Given the skills and knowledge you possess as a ‘Project Coordinator’ in the organization, a role as a ‘Product Owner’ would put you in a position where you can develop your potential as well as add value every day as part of your daily duties currently overlap the requirements for the day-to-day duties of the ‘Product Owner’ role. Reference: Product Owner role in Scrum,

I’d love for you to share more about the things you’re doing now and as you learn the news, what and how you would contribute.

I would like to join the Scrum team as a Quality Master or something similar

Kimberly, Quality Control Manager

Thanks for wanting to be part of the Scrum team and contribute to its work with the experience you have!

With such an attitude and desire to become better every day, while using a highly qualified human resource, our organization can only develop.
Our Development Team is waiting for you.

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  1. Scrum is especially helpful in large projects where things need to be broken down into smaller sections so that work can be prioritized. In this way, there will be a complete view of the things that have been completed and those that remain to be completed. It provides visibility that is accessible to everyone, and at any moment one can see who is working on what and how long it will take to complete.

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